Private Aircraft Management

Private aircraft ownership provides an unparalleled level of convenience, comfort and time-efficiency...


Private Aircraft Charters

JET4U has built an industry-leading private jet charter sales team, with a singular goal in mind..


Continuing Airworthiness

We offer a suite of technical management services through a dedicated team of professionals that covers mandatory aspects...


Executive travel plans or a quick getaway?


Company Managed Fleet



JET4U manages a fleet of private aircraft in accordance with the highest standards...


Managed Aircraft

We have the ability to manage any type of business jet, regardless of make and model...


Private Owners

Safety and security are recognized as the key benefits of flying in a business jet. As a business aviation customer, you will come to expect privacy and individualized customer service.


The use of aircraft on behalf of companies for the transport of passengers or goods for business purposes.  Companies that utilize business aircraft outperform nonaviation users in several important financial measures.


As a business aviation asset holder or financier, lessors represent one of the aircraft management services beneficiaries. We are proud of working with operators approved by leading European financiers.


Alwasy a pleasure to work with JET4U’s team!

Leading Swiss Lessor - Fleet Management


JET4U has the necessary staff and know-how, as well as all necessary procedures and tools for the operation of high-end business jets...

Leading European Asset Management Company - Independent Auditor


We can provide any type of operating program, based on your needs and/or aircraft certification level.

Private (non-EASA) for non-EU owners

Private (EASA Part-NCC) for EU owners

Corporate for companies

Commercial for charter operations

Managed Aircraft

We have the ability to manage any type of business jet, regardless of make and model...

Bizjet Care


Examples of aircraft managed:

Large Jets

The ultimate in private global air travel.

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Super-Mid-Size Jets

SMS jets are designed to comfortably accomodate eight to ten passengers with generous baggage space.

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Mid-Size Jets

Mid-size jets have seating for up to 8 passengers and have a range of up to 5 flight hours.

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